About Me

img_3975Hello there!

My name (as you may have guessed) is Serena and this is my personal blog.

I created this blog as a place to post all my thoughts and musings on whatever I’m reading or watching at the moment. I’m studying to be a journalist, hopefully a culture/entertainment writer, so I wanted to gain some experience writing about books, television shows and movies. Specifically, I wanted to get used to sharing my opinion on them, something my on-campus work at my college’s publications doesn’t often allow me to do.

I’m a bit of a mainstream nerd, so you’ll see a lot of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and DC here, along with anything else I may be watching or reading.

I have not established or thought about a regular posting schedule for this blog, but as I’m just getting started, I figure I’ll take things one post at a time for now.

So welcome to a small part of my mind and a glimpse at what I love. And thanks for stopping by!

– Serena